Kaiju Steel

Kaiju Steel tells the story of Scott- a young boy who is currently worried about two main things in life; exams and Amy- the girl of his dreams who happens to be his best friend. Impatient with being held down by life’s trivialities, Scott yearns for something more. He gets more than he bargained for when, on a visit with Amy to an exhibition of Japanese Culture in the city, destiny rears it’s head in the shape of giant monsters from a bygone age who threaten to destroy the city and cause widespread destruction around the world!

In the wreckage of the museum, Scott finds a centuries old katana once belonging to the legendary Samurai, Hattori Hanzo which holds mystical powers that will reveal Scott’s true destiny and send him on a journey to save the world from the Kaiju!

Written by Steve Collier with stunning art from Lee Killeen, this comic is the first of a two-part origin story created exclusively for Japan Comic Aid and promises epic action and excitement in the true nature of classic Kaiju movies and Japanese manga. It’s KAIJU STEEL!

Issue #1 is out now via Dead Universe Comics.

You can read a preview of Kaiju Steel here.


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