The Mystery Boys

THE MYSTERY BOYS follows Agents Johannes Neumann and Matthias Furore as they investigate cases which may otherwise be filed under “unexplained.” We join them as they travel to Japan to help find a missing girl who’s connection to an ancient forest deity may be the key to unlocking the secrets of a much larger case. With Agent Neumann’s identity itself being somewhat shrouded in secrets, even the truth may not be what it seems…

Steve Collier and Andy Clift create a book full of action, suspense and humour. With influences ranging from Indiana Jones to Hellboy and Powers, the scope of the story is unlimited in imagination and the artwork conjures secrets from the shadows.

The first two issues, created for Japan Comic Aid, form a perfect introduction to the universe of The Mystery Boys!

Issue #1 is out now via Dead Universe Comics.

You can read a preview of The Mystery Boys here.


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