Exclusive: Kaiju Steel Preview! Read It Here First!

Phew! What a treat we have for you today! Here it is, the preview of Kaiju Steel– giant monster action adventure from writer Steve Collier and artist Lee Killeen.

The story follows Scott, a sixteen year old studying for his exams who dreams of something more. When giant monsters appear on Earth and do battle, Scott’s destiny is revealed to him as he’s caught in the middle. A legendary katana is mankind’s only hope of surviving the onslaught the monsters unleash on cities around the world and Scott becomes it’s wielder. Kaiju Steel promises action on a truly epic scale.

Kaiju Steel is a brand new ongoing series and the first two issues will be published for Japan Comic Aid. Variant covers will be available and the book will be on sale very soon so stay tuned.

There may be a few pages in between which are not included but this will give you a great flavour of the comic and it’s characters. If you missed it last week, the preview for Nowhereville by Ken Bastard is already online here.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the previews by going to the contact page and sending us your comments. They may be printed in the letters pages of the comics!

We have yet to release a preview of Mystery Boys by Steve Collier and Andy Clift but not to worry, it’s coming!

Now read the preview and enjoy! Also, we’d appreciate it if everyone who reads this could hit ‘share’ on your browser. The more awareness we have, the more money we can raise for Japan Earthquake relief funds. Thanks.


About Japan Comic Aid

Japan Comic Aid seeks to raise funds for those affected by the devastating 2011 earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster by joining forces with comic, manga, webcomic artists, writers and publishers worldwide and creating comics and manga. ALL of the profits from the sales will go towards the Japan Society Tohuku Earthquake Appeal who give grass roots support to those affected as well as looking at long term support as well. Japan Comic Aid aims to regularly publish one shot and series comics and graphic novels around the world to raise money for those in Japan who are in need of rebuilding their life by teaming up, reducing costs and using ALL profits for the fund.
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