Ken Bastard

JCA Stats: Writer and artist of Nowhereville. Genius. Twitter: @kenbastard

Ken Bastard is a self taught painter and illustrator based in Massachusetts. A lifelong artist, he started producing paintings in 1992 made primarily of cheap cast-off materials such as oops! paint, debris wood from construction sites, and painters’ canvas drop cloths.

A student of everyone from Michelangelo to Jack Kirby, Stanley Kubrick to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mr. Bastard creates work that evokes a visceral reaction. His imagery is loaded with energy, movement, brilliant colors, and passion. Nothing escapes his brush – portraits, machines, animals, flowers. He captures them all on canvas in a neo-expressionistic action-painter style, balanced with a heavy dose of old-fashioned illustration.

Mr. Bastard has shown extensively all over the New York Metropolitan area. His participation includes group shows and several successful solo shows. From 2007 to 2011, he was the Artist in Residence at Jersey City’s L.I.T.M.

Currently, Mr. Bastard is working on a graphic novel for Shot in the Dark Comics, and a monthly book for RECO Comics. He has also begun painting a year-long solo show for 2012 entitled “MONSTER.”

Ken is the writer/artist behind Nowhereville– a twisty, pulp noir with a hint of sci-fi created for Japan Comic Aid.

He lives with his girlfriend, dog and two cats in the hills of Berkshire County. Oftentimes, Mr. Bastard can be found complaining about the New England weather and smoking a cigarette.


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